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Descend and Discover Walking Tour in Edinburgh

Explore Vaults in Edinburgh

Explore Vaults in Edinburgh

Witness the unaltered conditions in which real people lived and worked, on The Descend and Discover Tour in Edinburgh.

The vaults were created in the late 18th century when the South Bridge was created. The bridge was built spanning the deep valley to the south of the Royal Mile.

Under its 19 enormous arches, in a catacomb of underground chambers, a community began to thrive.

The vaults were abandoned in the 1830s, but opened again to the public in 1996.

The labyrinth of corridors and chambers you will visit have remained unchanged for two hundred years.

You will also have the opportunity to experience the Interpretation Room and see an audio visual presentation.

Visit this unique attraction and capture special moments in the evolution of the city.


This is NOT a guided tour. Upon check-in, you will receive admission into the vaults and a map for your self-guided tour.


Do you have to do a lot of walking on the tours?
No - the distances are not great. However it is recommended you wear sensible shoes because the ground can be uneven and occasionally steep.

Will the tour run even if it is wet?
Hail, rain, wind or snow: your guide will always be there to greet you. You guides are very skilled at finding shelter from the elements, but do dress for the cold (hat/gloves) especially in the evenings and in the winter months.

Will the guide be dressed up for the tour?
There is a strict dress code for all guides. The daytime guides wear smart, dark clothing: the evening guides wear distinctive cloaks.

Will I be scared ?
Sorry: no guarantees! - what some people find terrifying doesn't scare others at all. What is guaranteed is that your guide will choose your tales, craft them into engaging and enthralling stories and use all of their skills as storytellers to bring a tingle to your neck.

Are the tours suitable for people with disabilities?
This tour may not be suitable for people with perambulatory difficulties.

The poorly sighted or blind would need to be accompanied during the tour. The skill of your guides as storytellers and the craft with which they use their voices to create atmosphere make for an enjoyable experience for those totally dependent on listening. Essential carers go free.

Can children under 5 years come on a tour?
For health and safety reasons children under 5 years of age are unable to come on any tour.

Can children 5-15 years be booked onto a tour without an adult?
No - All children on tours must be accompanied by an adult.

Will people jump out on me during the tour?
Not in our planning! 'Jumper-ooters' are not a feature of the scheduled tours. Your guides are confident enough in the content of their ghost tours not to require such extras to provide a chill factor. Your guides are great believers in the power of the imagination.

We've been on tours where some customers have spoiled it for us with loud, disruptive and sometimes drunken behavior. What do you do about this?
Your guide reserves the right to refuse entry on any tour to disruptive customers. Even if the disruptive behavior only emerges once the tour has begun our guides are instructed to invite the person(s) to leave. Your guides priority is to ensure a quality, enjoyable experience for all.

Is photography permitted on tours?
Photography is permitted on all tours, but visitors are requested not to take photos while a guide is addressing the group as this can distract the guide and other visitors. In the vaults, photos are permitted to be taken as the guide leaves each area. However visitors are asked to use flash photography sparingly, as rapid multiple flashes can have adverse health implications for some people.

72 HOURS MINIMUM ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED. Tour does not include hotel pick-up; departure location will be specified on E-Ticket. Children under 5 are not permitted due to health and safety. Children between 5-15 must be accompanied by an adult. Rates are in US dollars. Please reserve online or call us toll-free at 212-852-4822.


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